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tv   [untitled]    May 26, 2013 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> a lot a ton with the community and we say to ourselves, there is this one and this one. we all compartmentalize them, we have our own agenda. our agenda is to create great work. if you are interested in that, you are part of our community. >> hello and welcome to brava theater. >> we are trying to figure out a way to make a space where theater and presentation of live work is something that you think of the same way that you think of going to the movies. of course, it has been complex in terms of economics, as it is for everyone now.
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artistically, we have done over 35 projects in four seasons, from producing dance, theater, presenting music, having a full- scale education program, and having more than 50,000 visitors in the building almost every year. a lot of our emerging artists to generate their first projects here, which is great. then we continue to try to support figuring out where those works can go. we have been blessed to have that work produced in new york, going on to the edinburgh festival, the warsaw theater festival. to me, those are great things when you can watch artists who think there is nowhere else that might be interested in you being a woman of color and telling your story and then getting excited about it. that is our biggest accomplishment. having artists have become better artists. what is.
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sheri coming back to brava, here you have this establish, amazing writer who has won a clue -- slew of awards. now she gets to director and work. even though she is this amazing, established writer, the truth is, she is being nurtured as a director and is being given some space to direct. >> the play is described as ceremony and -- where ceremony and theater me. in the indigenous tradition, when you turn 52, it is like the completion of an important era. the importance of the ceremony is to say, you are 52. whenever you have been caring for the first 52 years, it is time to let it go. really, here, they have given me carte blanche to do this. i think it is nice for me, in
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the sense of coming back 25 years later and seeing personally my own evolution as an artist and thinker. the whole effort to put the chicano or indigenous woman's experience on center stage is, in itself, for euro-american theaters, a radical position. because of the state of theater, it is a hard roll to hold up in institution. it is a hard road. i am looking at where we are 25 years later in the bay area, looking at how hard it is for us to strive to keep our theater is going, etc. i like to think that i'm not struggling quite as hard, personally, but what i mean by that, the intention, the commitment. particularly, to produce works that would not be produced in other places, and also to really
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nurture women of color artists. i think that is something that has not shifted for me in those 25 years, and it is good to see that brava remains committed to that kind of work. ♪ >> when people talk about the reflection of the community, we can only go from what we have on our staff. we have a south asian managing director, south african artistic director, latino community out rich person. aside from the staff, the other people, artists that we work with being a reflection of us, yes, the community is changing, but brava has always tried to be ahead of that trend. when i came in, i tried to make it about the work that shows
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the eclectic mission district, as well as serving the mission. those are the types of things that i feel build one brava is
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item 1, at 84 city view way. it's proposed for continue to june 16. case 2006.064 d and d at 216612th avenue is continuing to june 6, 2013. those are the continuing that i have and i have no speak are charges. >> any items proposed for continue znswer i. >> commissioner moore. >> i. >> commissioner sugay. >> i. >> i. >> move commissions that motion passes 5-0. in places in commission matters, item 3 consideration of adoption draft
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minutes for may 9, 2013. >> is there any public comment on the draft two minutes? see none. public comments closed. commissioner woo. >> move to approve draft minutes. >> second. >> second. >> on that motion to adopt draft minute for may 19, commissioner antanin. >> commissioner moore. >> and commission woo. >> it passes u nan muss five to zero and places you on item four comments. >> mr. antani, it jointly between the planning commission and historic preservation and that continues to meet. we met yesterday and we will be meeting again in three weeks and we'll keep you appraised of the progress in this venture.
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>> thank you. >> commissioner saga. >> there's an article, lengthy articles on housing in the city and something like 8,000 units going under construction or about to be, but there was a smaller article accompanying the main one that noted that i think some where around 10 percent or less or actually able to be converted to condominiums, according to the article that had to do with the financing that developers have taken or the nature of their business or whatever, but they used a figure of 10 percent, so the majority appear to be apartments for i don't know, forever, but for a good long time. >> commissioners if there's nothing further, it will place you under department matters, director 5 directors announcements. >> good afternoon. in the interest of time, i'll pass on
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the record. there's nothing urgent on this wook's hearing and i'll -- there's nothing urgent and you'll pass it on. >> item 6, review of the board of supervisors. >> good afternoon and department staff to give you your weekly report on the board of supervisors, they he heard three or four ordinances i like to share with you. the first was sponsored by supervisor cowen and this was preapplication in the pdrb zone and this had approval on may 9. also before the committee was another ordinance by supervisor cowen and this is a use district at 1111 street. this would allow educational institutions without size use limits and permit student housing and allow the zoning
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administration to allow temporary structures and this is occupied by the college of the arts. this ordinance was recommended by the commission on april 25th and at the hearing, there were a couple of speakers that had approval and the committee recommended approval to the full board. this week the big item again was a couple of items, three items to be precise, these are the secret ordinances sponsored by supervisor kim and weinner, this was the first where kim's was actionable. kim's ordinance was heard by the hpc last week and at that point the commission recommended in their resolution a very similar who what your recommendation was which was generally a disapproval of some portions but approval of other portion and they picked up the four
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additional questions that you asked our staff and the board to explore and then they added three of their own points. this week the hpc also ask that planning should provide an analysis that would clarify the difference between supervisor kim and supervisor wiener ridge legislation when an appeal period would end for exemption ie. they're interested between the difference between the first and last approval. secondly the hpc ask that the legislation allow entitlemented and they specified landmark to move forward and they ask that the legislation should clarify the role of their commission during the appeal process. this week the clerk of the board of supervisors attended the meeting and have amendments. three members spoke at the hearing and the planning department also presented the member ran dumb which i like to share with you
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now. this memo responds to four questions from your other resolution. with regard to supervisor kim's ordinance. this memo describes our current and plan notification capacity. it also explains about while appeals -- the approval process maybe pending and potential avenues for prioritizing affordable housing and other projects. this week at the hearing, both board president chew and supervisor winer, we stated their commitment to move forward. and he was committed tro bring potential amendments into wiener's proposal and he ask for more time to do so. the items were all continued to the call of the chair and they had discussed potentially holding a special hearing on june 3rd, but at this point there's been no